Selina “Asirus” Tannenberg

Director of WereRabbit Music

Asirus is a Meanjin (Brisbane, Australia) based Creator.

After 18 wonderful years as a Physiotherapist, she decided, on a sunny Tuesday morning in 2018, it was time to hang up her clinician hat and let her inner creator live.

She now divides her time between creating for herself- music & writing, and creating to help others- online movement courses.

She finds much catharsis and healing in music, reading, and writing. She creates so Anxiety doesn’t eat her brain. 

A fusion child with a predilection for all things fusion, Asirus’ music reflects her anime, soulful, and cinematic sensibilities.

You will find Miyazaki-esque piano solos, ambient instrumentals, to NeoSoul/Lofi tunes in her catalogue of music.

Asirus is an avid reader of fantastical books and writes book review in her Blog.

You will also find creation of her whims and reflections in various media.

She has a pet dragon named Sk’on.

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