Dragonflight – Anne McCaffrey

Dragons. I love dragons.

It’s not hard to win me over when there’re dragons involved. That said, this was a tale that won me over simply by being an excellent story. The fact that the dragons were devastatingly akin to those in my own imagination was merely my personal good fortune.

This is the story of Lessa, the sole surviver of a cruel betrayal who hid herself in servanthood to bide her time for revenge.

Abound with strength and talent desperately needed as an ancient threat, long forgotten and dismissed, returned to destroy Pern, Lessa was whisked away to impress the soon-to-be-hatch Queen Dragon and to become Weyrwoman of the only remaining Dragonrider Hold in all of Pern.

Once bonded, Lessa and her golden dragon queen, Ramoth, soon learnt that dragons could do more than jumping instantaneously between places, they went on to discover the reason why the occupants of the five other Weyrs suddenly abandoned their holds and vanished 400 turns ago!

When you mix a fierce female protagonist with interesting world building, strong story-telling, delightfully unexpected turns of events, and dragons, it is inevitable that you get a highly enjoyable adventure. There were also many beautifully written, prophetic poems littered throughout the chapters which I thoroughly enjoyed.

This is my first Anne McCafffey book and it is without a doubt a brilliant classic high fantasy. I can see why she was one of the most awarded and still, to this day, one of the most-loved authors in the world amongst other giants such as Tolkien, Feist, and Lewis to name but a few.

I cannot wait to jump between volume 2 and 3 of The Dragonriders of Pern Series!

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