On A Pale Horse – Piers Anthony

Rudi has told me about the awesomeness of The Incarnations Of Immortality Series on a number of occasions. As you may know by now, I have a penchant for the supernatural so I was keen to meet these Incarnations. Sadly, these books were devilishly difficult to come by until we discovered the Book Depository.

I started with “On A Pale Horse”, which was a story about Zane, a miserable washout who accidentally murdered Death instead of taking his own life and was forced to assume his office! He had to quickly learn the intricacy and importance of the timely collection of all departing souls and was aided by Mortis, his loyal Deathsteed/ Deathmobile depending on the terrain Death was required to travel on.

Just as he was getting a hang of his hood and scythe, Zane was embroiled in an evil plot of Satan. To prevent the world from falling into chaos and save the woman he loves, Zane must race again the clock to solve the riddle left for him by the other Incarnations and dismantle The Lord of the Flies’s lie.

This being a battle between Death and Satan, there were of course an abundance of lies and deceits, traps and dangers, secrets and plot twists. There was also a generous amount of good humour. 

This amusing approach to death and dying had an expected effect of lifting the veil of a heavy subject which I welcomed.

It was obvious this book was written in the 80s, some parts probably wouldn’t fly now but it was a good trip down memory lane for this child of the 80s nonetheless, which added another dimension the escapism this quirky fantasy novel offers.

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