Purple Cow – Seth Godin

I used to travel to Sydney once a quarter to study marketing with the awesome folks at Basic Bananas back in 2016. Because my head will be jammed pack with all things marketing, I’d often buy a business book from the airport bookshop to read on the flight home.

Typically, I’d read maybe a chapter during the one hour flight and the book would then sit on my coffee table until I eventually retire it to the bookshelf, this was one such book.

This is also a book that anyone studying marketing will come across. Sure it is rather old, it was first published in 2002 which is a century in the digital age! Its main focus was to inform people the old ways of marketing to the masses with TV being the main channel will not work going forward, and of course Seth Godin was right.

To get the most out of this book now, all you have to do is disregard the TV context. Once you’ve done that you’ll see the concepts described are timeless- there will always be an Idea Diffusion Curve, you’ll always want to be a Purple Cow, and you should always advertise to your Sneezers, though in this pandemic era that may benefit from a makeover!

It is an easy read with interesting case studies and valuable lessons. If you want to grow your business, read this book to learn how to become remarkable and irresistible.

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