The Seat of The Soul – Gary Zukav⁣

The Seat Of The Soul is not for everyone. Some people will no doubt think it’s complete bollocks. If you’re on an inward journey however, at one point Gary Zukav will come into your life, and when you read it at the right time, it can provide tremendous value to your spiritual growth.⁣

Having just battled through the most epic MindStorm this book was the perfect read to help me consolidate my lessons. I’ve actually started reading this book some months ago but have left it sitting by my sofa after a few chapters, then in one dreamy pre-dawn sojourn to the outhouse I was compelled to bring the book back to bed with me so I can read it when I wake up! Mother Universe’s timing is impeccable indeed.

As I continued to process my lessons and assimilate my learning these chapters served as a pilot light to guide me into the newly-evolved me, it provided gentle assurance through the chaos of a massive growth spurt, and instilled confidence to bravely step onto a new path.⁣

For me, this was a critical, if not life-changing read, and it is so because I was ready for, rather, needed it.⁣

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