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Silence – Thich Nhat Hanh


“The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise” is written on the cover of this book and it is precisely what it delivers.

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh effortlessly conveys the wisdom of Zen Buddhism and Mindfulness and gracefully deciphers why noise is a barrier to happiness. He illustrates where such perils lurk in modern-day living, and how to begin dissolving such noise and to cultivate peace and happiness from within.

For those new to the wonders of your inner stillness, this book provides an excellent starting point to understand the importance of silence, how it can improve your life, and how to begin exploring your inner quiet.

For more experienced practitioners, this book facilitates a deeper understanding of the power of silence and how one could broaden its application to bring stillness into more aspects of one’s being.

My favourite aspect of this book is that it is dotted with simple yet powerful breathing exercises that are accompanied by various beautifully written mantras which one can put to immediate practice to navigate difficult emotions, nourish the mind, let go, heal, and to connect with your inner stillness.

A short and easy read that is packed with wisdom and easy-to-implement exercises; if you wish for a lighter, happier, more present and joyful life, do yourself a favour and begin tapping into the power of quiet within you today.

With Love and Positivity,


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Asirus is the artistic alter ego of Brisbane-based physiotherapist Selina Tannenberg. After 18 wonderful years as a clinician, she decided it was time her inner artist takes the stage. Asirus is a composer, singer-songwriter who also enjoys writing, drawing, and calligraphy. When she is not creating, you can find her reading, running, working on her handstand, watching Formula 1 Racing, and moonlighting as a health content creator at MoveMedics.

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