The Archive Of The Forgotten – A.J. Hackwith

I have never fallen in love with a character until I dug through The Archive.

When my first sojourn to Hell became an instant love affair, I counted my blessing to be able to jump straight back in and visit the Archive.

My previous adventure in Hell left me all warm and fuzzy with my new adopted family so I was a bit sour that our leading librarians disagree on how to handle the mysterious ink found in the library and promptly went their separate ways!

The division was of course just a clever plot twist that serves to deepen the bond between the reader and the characters, and it worked. Hats off to you A.J!

This time I got to visit the Unsaid Wing is Elysium where all unsaid words are stored, cross the Chinvat Bridge, be hunted by crazed muses in the Dust Wing, travel by angel, squee! And my favourite part- witnessing the magnificent unfolding of a plot that I have suspected and wished dearly to be true! Ahhh…..

But none of that was nearly as epic as discovering the secret of unwritten books! And now that the secret is out, what trouble will it bring?

This book series is so damn good I asked my husband to read it. Rudi also enjoyed it and could tell which character I fell in love with. Now the question it, can you?

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