The Girl And The Mountain – Mark Lawrence

I was most fortunate to already be in possession of book 2 as I was finishing book 1 and could immediately continue my adventure!

The second Book of the Ice saw Yaz and her companions venturing to the mysterious Black Rock inhabited by the priests but forbidden to the tribes. There they will unveil the priests’ secrets and the lies that have enslaved her people for centuries.

But that was only the beginning for now they must embark on a long and treacherous journey across the ice if they were to find the mythical green belt and survive the impending big freeze!

And they had to do this whilst being hunted by demons. What do the ancient Gods want with them and what secrets are up in the sky?

As Yaz and her mini tribe trekked on there were more danger, survival, powerful magic, deadly monsters, yet more ice, tragic losses, the Path the that connects everything, and enduring, tonnes of enduring.

There was also a curious new character which I suspected, and have since confirmed, was from another series by the author. I love it when authors do crossover like that. It’s rewarding for fans and also a great way to pimp one’s catalogue!

I also love it when authors create myths and legends within their story, as was the case here. It’s like reading a book within a book, only there’s extra fun to be had trying to glean spoilers from them!

Just like book 1, the end was another blatant tease but this time there was no preview so I must do my share of enduring until the finale comes out in April 2022.

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