The Girl And The Stars – Mark Lawrence

The last book I read sent me into a deep anxiety funk which you can read all about here. I directed myself to a much-needed mental health break with a simple instruction- Sleep and read. This was the first book I read during my recuperation and it was exactly the adventure I needed.

This is the story of Yaz, a young Ictha woman who lives with her tribe on the most remote and unforgiving region of the northern ice. Life on the ice is brutal, children deemed unfit to survive on the ice are thrown into the pit at the four-yearly gathering. Yaz’s life was changed forever when the unthinkable happened at the gathering.

What followed was danger, survival, friendship, magic, secrets, betrayal, love, defiance, the river that runs through all things, and ice, lots of ice.

There was also ancient Gods and advanced technology reminiscent of Thor!

It was an exciting adventure with engaging story telling and interesting world building. I love it when I can fully loose myself in a book and forget my own world and this book was one such gems.

The ending of this book was a blatant tease but the author mercifully included the first chapter of book two to temporarily sate your thirst.

I look forward to my next adventure in this harsh ice world and to finding out what secrets the mountain hold?

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