The God Of Lost Words – A. J. Hackwith

“The God Of Lost Words” came out in November 2021, I was mad keen to read it, but I couldn’t bear my new favourite fantasy series not having the same cover so I patiently waited.

Seeing them all together looking this good, I know I’ve made the right decision.

You can imagine my excitement when I finally returned to Hell and reunited with my new, found family.

It was glorious!

This was the final showdown between the Library and Hell and we were treated to a devilishly tasty puzzle. We knew what the Library needed to defeat Hell, but from whence shall we find these impossible necessities?

I normally don’t try to guess the plot, I prefer to simply let my author sweep me away in their heavenly glory. This time however, I couldn’t resist the temptation, I suppose Hell has that effect on people! I tried to glean clues from the Librarian Log entries at the beginning of each chapter, as I have learnt that is where crumbs could be found from book 1 and book 2, alas…

Apart from one plot line that I hoped for materialising, everything else was a delightful revelation. The final chapter was super fun as it wickedly rotated between three plots culminating to an epic, tear-drawing conclusion. I died a little at the end but salvation came in the form of an endearing epilogue. Thank you, A.J!

I didn’t even know why I cried, it was not a sad ending by any means. However, reading is most cathartic for me, especially when characters and their experiences are so damn relatable!

I have been struggling with a demonic funk of anxiety in recent times and these pages provided me with no small amount of comfort and solace. It was as if the ink was a tonic to strengthen my resolve as I navigate my own struggles alongside the characters’ own. It was certainly sad to bid farewell to a place that felt so much like home, sniff.

I do believe there’s an eternity worth of room for more adventures from these brilliant characters and truly, these characters deserve more stories so I’m sending my prayers out to The God of Lost Words (I think Hero would approve of this pun) for new stories, spin-offs, novella… all of the delicious things from this divine Realm. And please, please bless us with more tales with my angel and his love. I need them!!

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