Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

This is one of those books anyone who has embarked on a business or entrepreneurial journey will come across at some point. It is also one of those books you need to be ready for before you will appreciate it fully for what it is.

When I first bought this book I was overwhelmed by it. I was frankly a little scared that I wouldn’t get the secret that the author stated was mentioned at least once in each chapter and hundred of times throughout the book. The fact that he said it would be glaringly obvious only increased my anxiety about it. I was so afraid I wasn’t “enlightened” enough to get it and never made it past the first chapter.

Perhaps it was my insecurity, perhaps it was my fear of failure, perhaps I simply wasn’t ready. Regardless of what it was, 5 years later, the second time around, I was ready.

This book is the life’s work of Napoleon Hill, who was challenged by Andrew Carnegie, a Scot who became a US steel magnate, to uncover the “philosophy of success” for the average person by studying the experiences and successes of great achievers.

Carnegie estimated it would take 20 years to complete this monumental task but refused to fund this project. He did however, made some introductions to get Hill started. In the ensuing 20 years, Hill interviewed and studied 500 of America’s most successful people to try and figure out the formula for success- the secret.

And he did.

If you thought this book is all about business then you’re sadly, but understandably, mistaken.

This book is ultimately about mindset, with a touch of spirituality. Perhaps that was why it resonated this time around as I’ve spent the time since my first attempt cultivating my mindset and exploring my spirituality. This time it all made sense.

Hill started with directions on how to use his book, then in 13 chapters, laid out The Thirteen Steps to Riches. Each chapter is packed with knowledge and instructions. He finished the book cautioning against the common pitfall to success and showed you How To Outwit The Six Ghosts Of Fear.

This is not a simple read-and-absorb book. It is a full-blown academic workbook. It demands you to think, reflect, and think some more. It commands honesty and studiousness from the reader who seeks the secret and will only reward those who persists upon its instructions.

Some of the instructions are admittedly a little outdated, but that is fair enough considering the very first iteration of this book was published in 1928! Nevertheless, you can exercise your intellect and creativity to adapt these gems to contemporary settings.

My favourite exercise is the Roundtable exercise where you pick out people you admire, those with quality you wish to emulate, whether dead or alive, to form your very own private counsel. I had a great time filling the seats on my table and that reminds me, I shall begin consulting with them!

If you’re wondering why I have not revealed the secret in this review, it’s because the process of discovery is in itself an invaluable pursuit and I’d be doing you a huge disservice If I were to rob you of it.

This book may seem daunting at first but the wisdom it contains is well worth the effort. As with all titles of great importance, this book is meant to be read over and over with each visit offering deeper insights for the reader. I believe a minimum of two years in between visits would yield an ideal amount of growth.

Do you believe you have it in you to learn the secret?

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