Think Like A Monk – Jay Shetty


Think Like A Monk is an excellent read for anyone who wishes to do life with less stress and more joy. Jay, having lived as a monk, serves gracefully as a gateway between ancient monk wisdom and modern-day living.

Through enjoyable and relatable story telling, Jay demonstrates how he applies his learnings to deal with everyday stress-inducing situations. There are many practical exercises throughout the book to help you with self reflection and discovery.

Jay also provides you with step-by-step actionable plans to observe and release challenging emotions such as self doubt, fear, judgement, negativity, anger… etc so you can let go, grow, give and thus live a purposeful life filled with peace, love, and joy.

Think Like A Monk is a user-friendly starting point for anyone new to the inward journey. For more seasoned travellers, it provides depth and pointers for refinement. Personally, I was most encouraged to learn that I’m on the right path and am inspired to keep journeying deeper within.

What came as an unexpected surprise was how much parallel can be drawn between thinking like a monk and business!

Jay discusses finding and living in your dharma. Your dharma is the intersection between your passion, your talent, and service to others; when you’re living in your dharma, you feel the most fulfilled and joyful.

Similarly in business, marketers talk about the importance of finding your niche and encourages business owners to look for the intersection of their passion, talents, and where they can add value to others. When you’re doing business in your niche, you feel most fulfilled, joyful, and when you can provide values to others, it typically translate into profit.

Dharma. Niche. Who would have thought ancient monk wisdom and business are branches of the same tree! . What a lovely revelation!

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