Unravel The Dusk – Elizabeth Lim

After the slightly-too-sweet-for-me book 1 of The Blood Of Stars duology, I was delighted that book 2 took a more matured turn. From the get go the pace was more intense and the theme much darker.

What struck me immediately was the quality of the writing. It has matured and taken on a whole new level of sophistication. As I read through the first few chapters, I felt strongly this was an author-coming-into-their-own moment. I suspect the success of her debut novel has given her much strength, confidence, heart, and vanquished big chunks of all-too-normal self doubt all creative has, which enabled her to unravel her own magic to seize the wind. It was truly wonderful, rather, a privilege, to witness the blossoming of a fellow human being.

As a curious parallel, the finale of this duology also saw our leading lady come into her own! Though Maia was marked by a demon and caught in the middle of a war. She also had to battle with the opposing powers warring within her!

The stakes were high in this flowing tale. We were treated to wonderful plots, magnificent magic, heart-warming twists, and a very nicely wrapped up ending.

When I finished the book, I held it over my heart with a big smile on my face and sighed a most-contented sigh.

Many books have left me lost in the past (what do I do with my life now? Thanks Tolkien) or teased me senseless (I have to wait a year? Thanks Sanderson), so it was wonderful to finish one with contentment for a change. Thanks, Elizabeth!

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