Cover Song: Good Goodbye by Lianne La Havas

Good Goodbye is my very first cover song and I really enjoyed the process of covering this gorgeous tune by the stunning Lianne La Havas. Some songs just feel oh-so gooood to sing and play and this is certainly one of them. Check out another cover song here: Bag Lady.


Piano Cover: “Marco and Gina’s Theme” by Joe Hisaishi 久石讓

A few months ago I made myself a promise that I’ll finish all the musical projects I’ve started. Operation Finished, Not Perfect commenced. This is the first project I’m sharing. It certainly can and should be cleaner but I’m sharing now precisely because it is not perfect. This is one of my favourite songs by …

Piano Cover: “Marco and Gina’s Theme” by Joe Hisaishi 久石讓 Read More »

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