Original Song: Breathe

Times are a-changing. Many deep wounds are being exposed and along with that the collective pain of millions that has been suppressed for far too long is washing over the world and it is palpable no matter where you are.

Humanity is awakening and it is challenging, it is uncomfortable but it is oh-so necessary and I do believe it will lead us to a better place.

I’ve been watching, learning, reflecting, and as someone who can experience the pain and suffering of others as physical discomfort, it has been heavy, really heavy.

For me, whenever I sit with difficult emotions, music always offers comfort. This little song, “Breathe”, evolved from a stream of consciousness and it has been most soothing and cathartic for me.

I hope it brings you some healing, too.

PS. Here’s another song I wrote during a time of heavy emotions and healing: Set Me Free.

PPS. And here’s a book I found very helpful for dealing with difficult emotions: Think Like A Monk.

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With Love and Positivity,


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