My New AirPods Pro 2 are Impressive!

I was so impressed with my new AirPods Pro 2 I had to make this video to tell you about them!

I’m also testing to see if they can be used an a microphone for filming YouTube videos. What do you think?

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I have just received my AirPods Pro 2 and I’m so impressed with them I just have to make a video to tell you about them. And as you can see I’m using them right now to film this video because I want the test to see how they fare as a microphone for filming.

So what am I so impressed about.

Two reasons. First, the noise cancellation is insane! Once I’ve paired my new AirPods to my phone I loaded up my go-to headphone testing song. As I was listening I said out loud “ah yes that sounds nice” but I could barely hear myself, and I thought wait a minute is noise cancellation on by default? Held down the button, ping, transparency mode came on, and my neighbourhood came back to me. So I did that back and forth a few times and did a few things around the house and this is what I’ve found.

Three houses down, about 50 metres away, they’re building a new house so that’s construction noise. Noise cancellation block that out completely.

I turned the fan on, you know those cheap, square plastic fan on the floor, they’re quite noisy. I squatted in front of it, noice cancellation on, fan disappeared.

I turned the TV on, it’s a Samsung on about 10. I stood right in front of it, noice cancellation on, I could barely hear it. You can still hear like there’s a sound but it’s unintelligible.

And then by chance someone started mowing the lawn across the road and he was using a whipper snipper, and you know those things are loud, and noise cancellation turned that really harsh motor whining sound into this.

It was unobtrusive, easily ignored, and it’s just like in the background. Very impressed.

And the best thing about it is that it just works, you don’t need to have music going or anything like that, so long as they’re in your ear and you have noise cancellation on, it cancels noise for you. So that could be very useful in a huge variety of situation where you want some peace and quiet.

The second feature I was impressed about was the um Spatialise Stereo setting. It’s off by default, and you can have it on fixed or with head tracking, and the head tracking is really cool.

With that on, when I turn my head to my right I got more sound in my left ear and vice versa.

I even tested and did a handstand, now I’m not 100% sold on this just yet but I did think that it sounded like it was coming from behind me when I was upside down. If you have tested this as well please let me know whether I am imagining this.

And now I think this feature is meant to go with one of the new FaceTime feature when you have a group chat, It will help you track your speaker.

And I won’t be surprised that it has an application for games as well. I don’t play games on my phone so I won’t know but it was a lot of fun.

So I have only had them for a day and I am already loving them and am very happy that I finally upgraded from my original first gen AirPods, which I only get about an hour of listening time these days, to AirPods Pro 2, with engraving.

And the only question that remains is: what do you think about the audio? Can it be used as a primary microphone or for backup. Please let me know in the comments and have a good day.

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