Everyday I tend to my anchor,
so no matter how far away I drift,
I can always find my way
back to the present moment.

One of my anchors, the most important one, is Meditation. Taking up meditation was THE BEST thing I’ve ever taught myself. It was difficult in the beginning, sitting still for just 5 minutes was agony and my thoughts were all over the shop.

Gradually, breath by breath, moment by moment, it got better. With that, I started WANTING to meditate for longer! 5 minute became 10, 15, 20, this took about 12 to 18 months from memory. Each increment was a struggle to start with, but it inevitably got better.

It stayed at 20 for months until I felt ready to move on. I went up to 30, WHOA!!! Nope!! 25, 30. It stayed at 30 for a few years, then I was once again ready to move on, 40, 45, 40.

It seems 40 is a sweet spot for me. 45 often felt too much and I wasn’t consistent with it, somehow it seemed harder to fit it in! I’ll stay in meditation longer after the finishing bell sounded if I need it, but 40 is good for me.

What I want you to know is that meditation is a skill, it takes practice for it to work for you, just like you need to practice your instrument, your sport… ect. Like all skill, being consistent is key, even if you only have one minute to sit and breathe mindfully, if you do that everyday, that mindful minute will do you wonders.

If you find it daunting, I suggest getting a mindful breathing app, my fav is an app called Oak – Meditation & Breathing, it has a few breathing exercises with excellent animation for you to focus on, which is very helpful when you first learn to befriend stillness.

Being able to be still is key to healing, inner calm, and happiness. These are all within reach for you and it begins with cultivating and tending to your anchor.

With Love and Positivity,


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