The Power Of Now – Eckhart Tolle

Shortly after I began my mediation practice, I, like most who embark on the inward journey, came across Eckhart Tolle, and “The Power Of Now” seems to be essential reading so I purchased it.

The book then sat patiently on my bookshelf for 5+ years with a dog ear on page 29- That was how far I got the first time I tried to read it.

Now that I’ve finally managed to finish it I can say it really is an important read. I have gained much clarity and peace from it. 

This book was written in a Q&A style with Eckhart giving detailed answers to common questions and objections to the inward journey which I found to be a great way of understanding his teachings. If you’ve enjoyed Eckhart’s podcasts on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversation, you will for sure enjoy the deep dive on offer in this book. 

He explained how past pain accumulates as a field of negative energy he calls the pain body, how when our pain body is activated we have no choice but to react, how our ego and its identification with various aspects of our lives keeps us stuck, how we are not our thoughts and emotions, how to observe our thoughts without judgement, and most importantly, how we can be free from our pain right now should we choose to!

These are certainly abstract concepts and observing one’s thoughts and emotions sounds intangible and impossible, but it can be done.

I remember the first time I successfully observed my thoughts I was in a fit of road rage- someone has cut me off and put me in danger. In the midst of me honking and swearing at the driver, I noticed “Oh! I’m angry!” That bewildered me so much and to be honest I was so pleased with myself that I promptly forgot about the near accident. I was then able to, for the first time whilst triggered, choose my response and I decided to let it go.

Having access to that choice is truly life changing.

Gaining access to that choice is well worth the effort.

And that choice, the access point to inner peace, is available to you in the present now.

I do believe this is one of those books, like “The Seat Of The Soul” that you have to be ready for. That said, I do not doubt the seeds it sowed all those years ago within 29 pages have contributed to my personal and spiritual growth that ultimately led me to this point in the present moment where I am able to appreciate it, so if you are the slightest bit interested in the power of now (how’s that for a pun?), I strongly encourage you to pick it up and give it a go and take whatever you can from it.

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