The Courage To Be Happy – Ichiro Kishimi & Fumitake Koga

This being the sequel to the book I believe every person on Earth should read because I believe it can not only help each of us find happiness, but can also help make the world a better place, needlessly to say, I was compelled to read it.

This book once more took the super easy to consume dialogue format.

It has been three years since our authors last spoke and instead of it being a lovely reunion, the Youth arrives intending to end their friendship!

You see, he has been trying to adopt what he has learnt from the Philosopher, embrace his tasks, and live life with The Courage To Be Disliked and failed. He had come to announce that he thinks Alfred Adler’s ideas are quackery and that he shall never visit the Philosopher again.

This book contains the conversation that ensued as the Philosopher, once again, patiently and kindly guided the Youth to help him further open his mind.

As the Youth has since become a teacher and has attempted to practice Adlerian Psychology in his teaching unsuccessfully, this deeper dive took place in the classroom setting and also explored the Youth’s youth. This made it very relatable.

This book, whilst not as mindblowingly illuminating as the first, certainly shone light and made sense of many common difficulties we experience whilst growing up. For this reason, I feel this is a good read for anyone in a parental, guardian, teaching position, which essential means everyone who has a supervisory role!

If you have read the first book, this book certainly is a welcome and useful expansion. If you haven’t yet read the first, I would encourage you to start there.

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